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Laboratory Sampling Solutions

Simplex ElectroPointer™ Faster and easier sample preparation for Atom Probe Analysis

ElectroPointer is a trademark Simplex Scientific LLC

Products such as the 3D Atom Probe , require precise sample configuration. This formerly requiring painstaking manual electro-polishing. With the development of the Simplex ElectroPointer™ much of this task is completed by automation under computer control. Integration of a Video Microscope and Windows control charts allow easy monitoring of the polishing progress. New High Magnification product includes manual polish capabilities.

- Computer Controlled Electropolishing
- Manual mode for end point polishing
- Internal Computer Controlled AC/DC Power Supply
- Integrated Video Microscope (up to 400x magnification)
- Easy to use Windows software
- Current vs. Time chart for monitoring progress
- Current vs. Voltage mode for determination of optimal voltage


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