Design, Manufacturing and Support

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Laboratory Sampling Solutions

Expertise and Experience in:
 - Windows Software
 - Android App design
 - Algorithms for signal optimization
 - Spectroscopy 
 - Electronic Design
 - Embedded firmware
 - High resolution Analog to Digital conversions
 - PC board design and production
 - Mechanical Design (Solidworks)
 - Optics
 - High pressure
 - Machine work
 - Automation
 - Silicone Molding

Simplex Scientific was started in 2002 with the goal of developing and manufacturing new scientific and medical products quickly and efficiently.

To meet that goal we have adopted and developed a number of procedures and practices:

   Source locally whenever possible
   Develop most prototypes and concept models in house
   Partner with locally assembly houses for graduated outsourcing
   Developed a quality system so products are tracked from day one
   Computerize all business activities for speed, accuracy and efficiency

Simplex has developed and acquired a number of patents, know-how and other intellectual properties which we can license or use to produce unique products. We current cover the areas of Spectroscopy and Medical Products.


Custom Liquid Analysis System

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