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The PoNS (Portable Neurostimulator) project started when Simplex was asked to assist in the development of a case for the product. The first version consisted of a unenclosed circuit board, and they wanted a more robust and finished product. Looking at the requirements and the volume for the product, we looked for alternatives to the injection molding as was originally requested. While injection molding results in good looking, very low cost parts, it requires a large NRE (non recurring engineering expense) for making the mold, very limited flexibility for changes, a large order to get the low prices and many weeks before receiving the product.

We decided that a case machined from a small block of plastic fit the needs much better. We were able design, build and demonstrate the design in under a week and go into production as soon as it was approved. Of course if the sales for the product should increase, converting to an injected molded case can be done at anytime. As it turned out, a variation of the product was created requiring changes in the top and bottom piece which was quickly and easily done and would have required new molds.
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