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Laboratory Sampling Solutions

Nano and Micro Oven Accessories

  - Passivated Stainless Steel construction
 - Compatible with 13mm windows
 - Diamond Windows available
 - Removable handles for easy use
 - Works with Simplex micro-Oven for high  temperatures
 - 2 x 3 card option
 - Compatible with Microscopes or Beam Condensers

Micro Flow Cell
The Microflow cell provides chemical resistance analysis of liquid materials.

Compression Cell

Reflectance Cell

 These inserts are design to work with both the Micro-Oven and the Nano-Oven.
Contact Simplex for custom sampling options. 

Polished Stainless Steel which can be used with/without a window for reflectance  of powders, liquides or gels.

2 x 3 inch card

1 x 3 inch card